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Blind Visionary Reviews

Abe Abraham's Review of The Blind Visionary

Abe Abraham
CMI Management, Inc.

I have . . .highlighted phrases and sometimes whole paragraphs that speak to some parts of both management and...

Review from The School Administrator - May 2011

Anne S. McKenzie
Executive Director
Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative

The Blind Visionary describes the professional...

Review from Constance Lacy

Constance Lacy

University of North Texas

The Blind Visionary uplifts the heart.

Review from Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin, JD, PhD
Associate Professor
Southern Utah University

In this text, I found more than just a story of success from someone struck with a physical disability in their adult...

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The Blind Visionary's Story

The Blind visionary Book Cover ImageThe Blind Visionary tells an incredible true story that will captivate and inspire you. Authors Doug Eadie and Virginia Jacko take you along on Virginia’s extraordinary journey, beginning when she was a successful executive at Purdue University. Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, Virginia would slowly, but surely, go completely blind.

As the darkness grew around her, Virginia found the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired - and a new mission in life. Virgina turned a potentially-devastating condition into an opportunity, going from student to president and CEO of the Lighthouse in just four years. Virginia's odyssey shows you how to create greater personal and professional satisfaction in your own life.

Order The Blind Visionary now.


Announcing the Entwined Lives blog!

Doug Eadie has created a new blog – Entwined Lives:  Reflections of a Returned Ethiopia Peace Corps Volunteer.  You can check it out at:  The blogs that appeared on this page as part of the Addis Ababa Homecoming series have been removed from this page and are being re-posted at the Entwined Lives blog.

Congratulations Miami Lighthouse and Virginia Jacko!

The Florida Heiken Children's Vision Program(under the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind) received the Bronze Medal for Organizations for 2012 in the Miami Today Gold Medals competition.  Way to go!


The Heiken Children’s Vision Fund was created in 1992 by the Dade County Optometric Association, and to date it has provided free comprehensive eye examinations and eyeglasses to more than 65,000 financially disadvantaged schoolchildren who had no other source for vision care.



Thelma Gibson Community Service Award

Congratulations to Virginia Jacko, honoree of a 2012 Claude Pepper Memorial Award.  Virginia will receive the Thelma Gibson Community Service Award for her work as the CEO and President at The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind.

Congratulations Virginia Jacko!

Virginia was recently awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Purdue University.  Virginia earned her M.S. in Financial Counseling at Purdue.

Read award information on Purdue website

Out Of The Box And Off To Addis Ababa

In my new book, Leading Out-of-the-Box Change, I talk about the normal resistance many, if not most, people, have to contend with in getting major change initiatives accomplished in their organizations and their lives.  As I say in the book, experience has taught me that fear – for example, of failing to perform up to standard, of being exposed as inadequate in some important way – is often at the heart of the resistance that can impede or even halt change.  And in our book The Blind Visionary, one of four major lessons Virginia Jacko and